Services for Business

Whatever the size of your organisation, running your own company payroll can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise but it is an essential part of any business.

Bureau payroll

Outsourcing your company payroll to us means whether you have a workforce of 10 to 10,000, we can look after all your requirements through our range of Managed Payroll Services, delivered to you by our dedicated team.

With our extensive knowledge of the payroll industry, your payroll is safe in our hands whether it is carrying out salary calculations to providing you with a full service solution. First Payroll can reduce your administrative burden with our range of services – we will work with you to create a partnership which works for your business.

Compliant Solutions

Don't get caught out by recent updates to tax legislation: Whether your workforce is employed by you, or you engage temporary workers and contractors, you need to ensure that you have a compliant payroll provider in the supply chain. 

FPS is not a labour supplier or an intermediary, and we take payroll compliance seriously. We only offer PAYE payroll services. Find out more about the service we offer.