Expense claims

About Expenses

Need to submit your expenses? You must ensure that you have receipts for all costs you are claiming, or a valid mileage log if applicable. Receipts or other proof of expenditure can be uploaded with the claim form, sent via email or faxed to 0845 520 1510. For more information please see our full expense policy.

The following notes provide general guidance for submission of expenses to FPS. All expenditure must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the purposes of carrying out your duties. 


All Expenses Claim Forms MUST be signed (either physically or digitally) and all expense receipts must be sent to our office either via upload, email, fax or post where possible in order for the claim to be valid.


You are strongly advised to keep copies of any receipts you send to us. When sending receipts, you should include a copy of the claim form OR include your name and NI number in any correspondence. Please do NOT send receipts without a claim form unless you have already submitted a claim form online. 


FPS will endeavour to check that all claims are valid and will disallow claims either wholly or partially, if we have good reason to suspect claims are not genuine or if parts of the claim are not allowable under our expense policy. FPS is not responsible for any incorrect submissions or claims for items that are not within this Allowable Expenses Policy, and any liabilities arising from the above will be your responsibility.