FPS Perks

Make your money go further

FPS Perks is a unique rewards scheme which brings genuine financial savings to our users*, powered by reward and benefit experts Perkbox.

You can access all your freebies and fantastic offers from right here

Eligible FPS users get automatic access - It's simple and quick: once you start being paid by us, you'll get an activation email which lets you log in and grab any of our 130+ perks, such as savings of up to 8% at brands including Tesco, Amazon and M&S, money off in pubs and cafes, heavily discounted cinema tickets, sports and leisure facilities, and travel. You'll also have access to a host of free services including free health and wellness classes, and personal and financial advice. 


Fresh perks will be added to the platform regularly and you can pick and choose to redeem these via your PC, tablet or even phone, using the dedicated app - you could literally be queueing for a coffee - and get your discount whilst waiting to order!

* Selected customers only. Please check with us if you have questions about eligibility



What is this?

FPS Perks is a portal for benefits and discounts. We want to make sure that we can provide genuine cash savings to help your money go further, but also enhance your overall experience with First Payroll, so we’re including a number of free benefits to help your overall well-being.


How much will I save with my Perks?

It depends on how much you use, but you can easily save £50+ per month as a regular user. Make sure you log in regularly to check for new offers, as we are adding extra perks and specials all the time.


How do I redeem my benefits?

Log into the website once you receive your login details and you will have immediate access to the benefits available. Browse the website and follow the onscreen instructions to claim your discounts and freebies. Once live, you can access this via this page.


Where will my login details be sent?

Your login details will have been sent to the email address you gave us when you signed up. If you need any help or have any problems please contact us.


Is there an app?

Yes! You don’t have to be tied to your PC or laptop - simply download the Perkbox App for Android or iOS – then log in, and you can add or amend perks on the go

What's the cost?

Some of the perks and benefits offered are paid-for services but all of these are completely optional, and you have free access to the perks portal for the whole time that you are using FPS as your service provider. Our service fee already includes FPS Perks access as standard, so we make no additional charges.