Client FAQ


What does FPS offer?


Our mission is to provide cost-effective PAYE payroll with first-class service. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to provide a totally bespoke outsourced payroll partnership. We ensure PAYE is collected and paid in full, and we monitor pay to ensure it meets or exceeds the National Living Wage. We operate both auto-enrolled and voluntary pensions, and a range of benefits for people paid through us.


Is FPS an umbrella?


No. An umbrella company employs contractors and provides them with payroll and expense-claim management services. Since 2016 umbrella employees have not been able to claim tax relief on their travel, which had previously made this an attractive option. Now, unless it can be shown that the worker is not subject to the right of supervision, direction or control (SDC) in the way in which they carry out the work for the client, there are few benefits to the worker.

What about IR35?


FPS does not promote or operate schemes which fall within the scope of IR35. This legislation was introduced to tackle cases of so-called "disguised employment" where limited company professionals and self-employed individuals provided services to their clients in the same fashion as normal employees but were "off the payroll". If a person’s contract is deemed to be caught by IR35, the vast majority of their salary will be subject to standard PAYE income tax and NIC rules. The objective of IR35 is to clamp down on those who are wrongly classifying themselves with the only aim being to pay little or no tax and NI.

Are you an offshore company?


No. FPS is registered in England and are based in London. We do not engage in overseas payments, or overseas payroll, nor are we affiliated with any company that does.

How is FPS different?

First Payroll Services has a long history of providing comprehensive and compliant payroll bureau services, we therefore do not offer umbrella services, managed service companies or promote the formation of "one-man-band" limited companies. You can be sure that we do not engage in practices deemed abusive by HMRC. We do not advocate or provide services that do not comply with relevant laws. We’ve been doing it for over 10 years, so why not talk to us? 


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